Charcoal Face Masks to Detoxify the Skin - Do they work?

Charcoal Face Masks to Detoxify the Skin - Do they work?

So what's all the buzz about these charcoal face masks that seem to be seriously trending on social media?

When I initially saw the peel off versions of these charcoal masks, I was actually a bit concerned.

Many individuals suffer from a sensitized skin (often due to lack of inferior home care products to begin with, in addition to the infrequency of seeing a skin care professional for facial treatments), so the thought of peeling off a mask that in most images and videos appeared to be quite aggressive, I knew that that trend was going to be doing more harm than good on some individuals.

So is "Charcoal" good for the skin? Yes, it can be...

It can be, when scientifically formulated by a professional skin care line and with the use of added ingredients.

(The above photo shows myself wearing the mask during the drying process and you can literally see the impurities and oils being drawn out of my pores.)

So needless to say, I was thrilled when one of my favorite skin care lines that we carry at SkinFIT Aesthetics, PCA Skin, came out with their own version; a Detoxifying Mask that included the very popular "Charcoal" to absorb impurities and oil from the skin while also supplying the skin with the necessary added ingredients such as Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract - an oat milk extract high in essential fatty acids (EFA) that is an antioxidant that soothes and calms the skin, and helps retain vital moisture.

Two additional ingredients that are found in this detoxifying mask which make it great for an oily or breakout prone skin are: Kaolin - a type of clay that absorbs oil and impurities, helping to clear pores and Magnesium aluminum silicate - a naturally occurring clay-derived mineral that supports skin clearing. 

My verdict: I LOVE THIS MASK! My skin felt refreshed, moisture balanced, and glowy upon completion. It will definitely be a weekly routine in my professional skin care regimen.

This mask can be used once a week. Apply, and let dry completely. The mask DOES NOT peel off, but more safely may be removed by gently washing the face with warm water, and gently removing with a damp towel as needed.

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After removal of the mask, it is is now the recommended time to add any additional corrective ingredients onto the skin.

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