Glacial Skin Facial - our favorite summer time facial

Glacial Skin Facial - our favorite summer time facial

It’s almost hot girl summer time!

And by “hot girl”, we mean hydrated, healed, cool, and healthy!

With those hotter temperatures ahead, make sure your aesthetician is opting for services to help restore your skin barrier and calm down the inflammation that’s inevitable in the warm summer sun. 

Not only will spf be your bff this summer, but so will any facial treatment that improves skinflammation.

Let’s review our favorite summer time facial… Glacial Skin Facial has now entered the chat.

Q: What is our SkinFIT Glacial Skin Facial?

A: In simple terms, we are resetting better skin from within to target and help to heal inflammation in the skin. 

With precision cooling (think a cooling, yet comfy, cold plunge applicator that glides) alongside a unique set of intentionally designed protocol steps, including a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, calming mask and moisturizer, you’ll leave with freshly rejuvenated skin both topically and internally. 

Q: Who is it for? 

A: Literally anyone with skin. Because everything stems from inflammation, including: breakouts, hyperpigmentation, laxity, fine lines and more, anyone seeking corrective and healing treatments will benefit from this service.

Q: The result?

A: Better management of your skin issues and longer lasting results of your facial treatments. 

And of course our #skinfitsquad signature glow! 

To learn more about Glacial Skin or to find a provider in your area, click here.

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