How to get Cost Effective Wedding Ready Skin

How to get Cost Effective Wedding Ready Skin

A recent bridal makeup inquiry of mine inspired me to create this post. She called me concerned about how her makeup trial had gone with another makeup artist. She said that her skin looked cake-y, felt oily, and did not wear well through out the day following her bridal trial with this artist. However, she did love her eye makeup and even sent me photos of her makeup as she was seeking my opinion.

The makeup artist did a GREAT job. Her skill set was top notch, so I felt compelled to educate the client on WHY her foundation and face makeup overall likely did not wear well as the day went on.

After asking her a handful of questions regarding her skin care regimen (or lack there of in this instance), I was able to determine it was her skin condition that was causing the makeup to feel and look heavy.

Suggestions that I felt seemed of "the norm" were ideas that this individual was so thankful to receive. She had no idea how important some of the following suggestions I provided her would have such an impact on her skin and makeup.

At this point I actually suggested she re-contact the makeup artist who did her trial and express to her the concerns and her preferences for a lighter application. I knew that having that conversation in addition to altering her skin care regimen was going to provide her with the wedding ready skin and the makeup application she was hoping for.

Here are some of the simple cost effective suggestions I provided to get wedding ready skin:

1. Ditch ALL your grocery store cleansers, moisturizers, etc. SERIOUSLY.

I'm sorry but I always say, "we don't know what we don't know", so if you have never used a professional grade cleanser or moisturizer, you don't know what you are missing until you do.

2. Find a skin care professional or aesthetician in your area who can recommend some skin care products for you. Seeing them for several professional facial services prior to your wedding is IDEAL (see my Bridal Bootcamp HERE), however, if that is not within your bridal budget, tell them that you want to get on a few, what I call "Essential" home care products.

Many of these professional individuals will do complimentary product consultations. I do!

I define essential products as: Cleanser, Moisturizer, & SPF. I also suggest an Exfoliant and Eye Cream as your next set of essentials. Getting on a pricey serum will do you NO good, if you do not already have your essentials dialed in.

Once you have mastered your essential products, adding specific corrective serums based upon your goals, will boost your results. But no need to overwhelm yourself yet, just start with the essentials as guided by a skin care professional.

3. Understand that safe and proper exfoliation and hydration are key factors to get wedding ready skin. If professional home care, that is appropriate for your skin, is regularly used, your face makeup will wear better as the day goes on and the texture, tone, and luminosity of the skin will be optimal.

Reflecting back on this bridal makeup trial inquiry, I am grateful this individual and I crossed paths. She later reached out to me thanking me for all my "free advice". I never viewed it that way; she taught me just as much as she felt I taught her.

I am humbled at the opportunity to educate individuals who are unfamiliar with how to improve their skin. And what a blessing to be able to help someone look and feel their best for such an important day like their wedding.

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Makeup and skin care by me, Jena Irby