iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial for Wedding Ready Skin

iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial for Wedding Ready Skin

Are you searching for the perfect "red carpet ready" facial? A facial that is perfect leading up to a special event?

A facial treatment that won't make you physically peel, but powerful enough to provide noticeable short term and long term results?

If you answered, YES, then the iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial is for you. 

Bridging the gap between mild facials and invasive peels, this professional facial treatment offers immediate results without downtime. Following the treatment, the skin feels instantaneously smoothed and polished, with a restored healthy glow!

So what does "FIRE" and "ICE" actually mean? There are two "masks" used in this facial treatment. These two terms are used to describe the sensation the skin will feel when each of these "masks" are applied to the skin. 

With "FIRE", you can expect the skin to feel a little "spicy" while it exfoliates and  increases microcirculation and cellular metabolism. With "ICE", you can expect the skin to feel soothed as it imparts hydrating and calming botanicals onto the freshly exfoliated skin. 

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