Master Aestheticians' and Skin Care Experts' Favorite at Home Skin Care Products

Master Aestheticians' and Skin Care Experts' Favorite at Home Skin Care Products

When 5 Master (minded) aestheticians, team up to give you some skin focused product advice, the results are sure to leave you glowing! And when they then decide to do a collaborative Instagram Giveaway, their enthusiasm to bring you the best graceful aging skin care products available, is unparalleled. 

With decades of combined skin care service experience, us 5 aestheticians are in the know; we know what home care products you need and why. Our confidence rests in our years of our personal hands on experience with a variety of product lines in addition to the results we’ve visibly seen amongst our clients/patients.

So thank you for being interested in our thoughts and the years of observations that have drawn us to the following conclusions.

Meet Jena, Reanne, Celeste, Crystal and Rachel - all aestheticians whose passion is skin, and along side performing in studio treatments, love making equally important home care product recommendations. 

Here are some of our favorite at home skin care products and what we each specialize in:


Meet Jena Irby 
(Instagram: @Aesthetician_Jena)

Jena Irby is owner and aesthetician of SkinFIT Aesthetics in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jena specializes in graceful aging facial treatments, including Dermalinfusion, microneedling, and dermaplaning. As a licensed aesthetician since 2003, her philosophy is that "healthy skin is a lifestyle- you get out of it, what you put into it; just like diet and exercise."

One of Jena's favorite home care products is iS Clinical Active Serum

“It’s a great night time product used to target literally anything that needs correction. Lately it has been one of my go to “graceful aging” products that combats pre-mature signs of aging but it can also address existing concerns such as breakouts, uneven tone and clarity.”- Jena Irby

Meet Reanne Kelly 
(Instagram: @The.Master.Esthetician)
Reanne is a Master Aesthetician at SkinSpirit Clinic and Spa in Seattle, Washington. She has been practicing for 9 years, and specializes in clinical facials, medical grade chemical peels, microneedling and laser hair removal. Reanne loves working with all skin concerns, educating her clients, and helping people achieve their dream skin.


One of Reanne's favorite at home skin care products is Zo Skin Health Exfoliating Polish

 “I’m obsessed with the ZO Skin Polish and I never say that about a scrub! It’s as close to an at home microdermabrasion (using the same kind of crystals we use) that you can get. It warms on contact and is gentle enough for every skin type. It leaves your skin feeling baby smooth too... I actually have to stop myself from using too much!”- Reanne Kelly

Meet Celeste Rodrigues
(Instagram: @skinbyceleste)     

Celeste is an aesthetician in West Hollywood, California at Celeste Rodrigues Skin Care. Her background as a medical aesthetician, and previous training amongst leading plastic surgeons, has given her the confidence to properly assess your skin care needs and goals. She specializes in Hydrafacial treatments, chemical peels, and customized specialty facial treatments. 

One of Celeste's favorite at home skin care products is iS Clinical Cleansing Complex.

"I love iS Clinical Cleansing Complex Facial Cleanser because it is a powerful yet gentle cleanser that not only nourishes but also moisturizes the skin. It lathers up nicely and can take off your makeup, and with quality ingredients like centella asiatica, it makes your skin look firm while stimulating elastin, so its an ideal anti-aging product. It also contains ingredients such as chamomile, which will sooth and calm the skin; this is extremely important to me in a cleanser because I feel like there are so many harsh products out there that leave the skin sry and irritated."- Celeste Rodrigues

Meet Crystal Koro 
Instagram: (@Crystal_Clear_Skin_and_Beauty)
Crystal is a Master Aesthetician in Los Angeles, California at Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty. With years of experience working both in the medical field and aesthetics since the age of 18, Crystal has worked as a medical assistant in primary care, pediatric, cosmetic practice and laser and skin care. Crystal has worked directly with doctors and physician assistants to learn the industry of aesthetics and the skin until branching out and pursuing this career on her own. Crystal specializes in custom skin care treatments and tailored home care product recommendations to help you achieve your skin goals.


One of Crystal's favorite home skin care products is Skinbetter Science AlphaRet.


"As a professional in the skin care industry, I know how important retinoids are for anti-aging. However, many of my clients were afraid to use any type of retinol because of the downtime and irritation. Researchers at Skinbetter Science have figured out a way to mix retinoids (which smooth fine lines and wrinkles, fade discoloration, and kick up collagen production) with lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid that evens out skin tone and texture) all without irritation!!! This formula truly is a superhero wrinkle-busting, glow making ingredient."- Crystal Koro 

Meet Rachel Valverde 
(Instagram: @ The_Aesthetician)
Rachel is an aesthetician at Desert Sky Dermatology in Gilbert, Arizona. With 5 years experience in dermatology, Rachel specializes in medical aesthetic treatments, Hydrafacial, clinical facials, and cosmetic laser.


One of Rachel's favorite at home skin care products is Skinbetter Science Alto Defense Serum.

"Skinbetter Alto Defense vitamin c serum is one of my go-to products for all skin types! With 19 antioxidants this serum protects the skin from free radicals and repairs damage that’s already been done to the skin. Vitamin C is also a natural brightening agent and helps to even skin tone."- Rachel Valverde


Please note: this blog post is for informational purposes only and is not intended in any way to substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your physician regarding any health concerns you may have. If you are pregnant and/or nursing, discuss your skin care options with your physician/OB.