The "Game Changer" FIT KIT

All FIT KITS are bundled to save you 10% OFF.

(discount already reflected in total.)

As coined by our clients, this "Game Changer" FIT KIT was designed to lead you to the fountain of youth... or atleast get you there as gracefully as possible :)

This all encompassing Graceful Aging FIT Kit provides your skin with a variety of essential and corrective pure antioxidants and vitamins in addition to corrective and healing natural acids, juices, and extracts to maximize your results.

FIT Kit includes (7 Products): Facial Cleanser, Hyaluronic Boosting Serum, C&E Strength lotion & Intensive Age Refining Retinol, Hydrator Plus Moisturizer with SPF, Rebalance Moisturizer, Ideal Complex Eye Cream

Day Time Regimen: Facial Wash, Hyaluronic Boosting Serum, C & E Strength,  Hydrator Moisturizer with SPF (you could also swap out this SPF for our Weightless Protection SPF if a lighter consistency is preferred) & Ideal Complex Eye Cream

Night Time Regimen: Facial Wash, Hyaluronic Boosting Serum, Intensive Age Refining Retinol, Rebalance Moisturizer, & Ideal Complex Eye Cream

Note: if you are new to retinols, start using the product by buffering it and initially mix it in with your Rebalance Moisturizer to cut the strength. After approximately a week of doing this, use the retinol by itself, underneath the moisturizer, every other night. Continue to use this product every other night or as desired. Some skin types can tolerate the use of this product nightly, but most like the results of this retinol product by using it 3-4 times nightly a week.

Caution: Retinol and Vitamin A based products are a contraindication of those pregnant or nursing. Please consult your physician if you have any questions regarding retinol based products.