General FAQs

1. What are the differences between the cleansers and moisturizing products I buy at the grocery store versus the ones I can purchase with you at SkinFIT?

The products that are offered at SkinFIT are sold exclusively to aestheticians and doctors to ensure that these powerful and result driven products are being used correctly. Because of our products high quality active ingredients, you can achieve results that would not be attainable through traditional store purchases.

Additionally, we can customize your perfect SkinFIT home care regimen that will work synergistically with your facial treatments.

2. How often should I come in for facial treatments?

As we age, our skin cell regeneration process begins to slow down as well as our production of collagen. To help improve our skin’s ability to shed off dead skin cells so that new cells can begin to develop, and to continuously achieve a radiant glowing skin, monthly or bi-monthly facial treatments are ideal.

3. My skin is so sensitive and I am nervous to do anything too aggressive. What do you suggest?

Most sensitive skins are reacting to inferior products, so it is important that we first evaluate your current home care regimen and eliminate items that be be sensitizing you.

Upon completion of your skin care service, Jena will recommend an ideal action plan that will help rebuild your skin's barrier and help it to become stronger and less sensitive. 

The correct chemical peel may be just what your skin needs to become less sensitized. As new, healthy cells surface, the skin becomes less irritated and reactive. We can start you with something progressive and move on from there.

4. My skin is very oily. Do I really need to wear a moisturizer?

Yes! Not using an appropriate moisturizer can actually cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. There are specific light weight and gel based moisturizers that are great for an oily skin and can actually help control oil while protecting the skin from aging.

It is also important that you are not wearing a heavy, pore clogging, makeup. A simple change to a high quality mineral based makeup can make all the difference in the world!

5. I am breaking out way more than usual. How can I get this under control?

It’s first important for us to evaluate your current lifestyle and any changes that may have occurred to cause the breakouts. It could be a simple change in home care regimen or a peel that clears up the issue right away or it may need to be further addressed through hormone and nutritional supplement testing. We have several physicians we refer to that can help you in this area of skin care and wellness.

6. My skin is looking very dull and feeling dry. What can I do to add some more luster to it?

Commit to a monthly in studio professional facial treatment and be diligent with your home care. Our clients view our services as part of their "lifestyle" because they understand that they get out of it, what they put into it; just like diet and exercise. 

7. I have a special event coming up in a few months and I want to look my best. What do you suggest?

Microneedling would be a great option leading up to an event. A suggested minimum series of 3 is ideal, the last treatment being completed 2 weeks prior to the event. 

The week of your special event, consider a Dermalinfusion treatment, to both compliment the previous weeks microneedling, and to give your skin a plump, volumized and luminous glow.